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FNF: Funkscop Game

FNF: Funkscop · Free Game · Play Online

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FNF: Funkscop is a soft-horror Friday Night Funkin' mod based on the web series Petscop that mimics the YouTube Let's Play genre by covering a long-lost, unfinished PlayStation game called Petscop.

Made by Visploo (Director, Artist, Programmer), betah (Co-Director, Pixel and Concept Artist), MysticPolygon (Co-Director, Composer, Writer), Akhirio (Artist, Animator), Algo (Pixel Artist), ThatOneAqua (Playtesting), Clodium (Charting), Clowfoe (Programming Help), Decoy (Programming Help), Fabs_ (Programming, 3D Modelling), gibz679 (Charting), Gonk (Charting, Gonkage), justisaac (Composer), kiwiquest (Composer, Artist), LingoeBingo (Composer), LuvSeals (Composer), Ne_Eo (Programmer, 3D Rendering and Menus, Shaders), punkett (Composer), Switch (Playtesting), TaeSkull (Composer), Teein (Playtesting), Vania (Composer), vruzzen (Composer), Giftscop Team (Providing Resources), FriendFred3 (3D Help), Jefftastic (Providing Voicelines) and wakinixgamer888 (Porter).

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FNF: Funkscop //
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