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Friday Night Funkin' (WEEKEND 1 INCLUDED) Game

Friday Night Funkin' (WEEKEND 1 INCLUDED) · Free Game · Play Online

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Friday Night Funkin' (aka FNF) is a cool music rhythm game where you're Boyfriend having fun with your beloved Girlfriend, even though her Dad's not making it easy! Hit the notes in the right order and face off against a range of different opponents across several Weeks, including the latest Week End 1 ("Darnell", "Lit Up", "2Hot" and "Blazin'"). Made by Funkin' Crew.

⚠️ [Last updated on ]
✅ Added Week End 1, tweaked and optimized the whole build

Please be aware that this is the Psych/Gamaverse version of the game, which includes all the main content available in the developer's build as well as extra features such as mobile support and boosted performance on lower-end devices. If you prefer to play the developer's version, please use the following link.

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Friday Night Funkin' (WEEKEND 1 INCLUDED) //
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Friday Night Funkin' (WEEKEND 1 INCLUDED) · Video

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