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FNF: Hotline 024 w/ The Medley Update Game

FNF: Hotline 024 w/ The Medley Update · Free Game · Play Online

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FNF VS Nikku: Hotline 024 (Friday Night Funkin') is a work-in-progress FNF mod that follows the story of a fugitive space girl named Nikku. After being held in captivity for many years, she managed to escape and found a hideout at an abandoned skatepark. No one knew Nikku had been hiding there until one day when Boyfriend and Girlfriend stumbled across the skatepark...

June 21, 2022 // The Medley Update

Made by Saruky__ (Dev), Fabs (Main Programmer, Co-director), VaChildish (Artist), BAnims (Artist), SajiArts (Artist), MaxOKE (Artist), Offbi (Artist), SaltedSporks (Artist), Sugarratio (Artist), gibz679 (Charter), Melissa MekRose (Voice Actress), Nebits (Artist), 10ju (Charter), PointyyESM (Charter), MrDJ (Artist), Chroma (Charter), Shadow Mario (Programmer), Cerbera (Charter), Niffirg (Charter), Lavaprox (Artist), ABrickToTheHead (Artist), TOFU (Artist), OhSoVanilla (Animator), Ebola (Artist), Seni (Artist), Fore (Artist), Slushy_Anime (3D Artist), Raze (Jojo Nikku's Design Assistance), Nashira (Artist), Cape (Charter), PooterStapot (Artist), JustDemianAgain (Artist), Kitty (Voice Actress), MongMongTwo (Artist) and DozenRahyz (Artist).

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FNF: Hotline 024 w/ The Medley Update //
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