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FNF: Friday Night Fever + Taki's Revenge ONLINE Game

FNF: Friday Night Fever + Taki's Revenge ONLINE · Free Game · Play Online

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FNF: Friday Night Fever is a premium-quality total conversion mod based on the music rhythm game Friday Night Funkin' (FNF). Packed with 20 original songs, a story of its own, strong language, and dialogue for each week, it follows the adventures of Fever, the mayor of Fever Town, a dangerous place located somewhere in space and a home for criminals and outcasts. Join Fever on his journey across Fever Town and watch the story unfold as he puts his vocal cords to the test against all sorts of weird creatures.

FNF: Friday Night Fever was made by helloitsmako (Leader), CesarFever (Co-Leader), foodieti (Lead Musician), Biddle3 (Musician), Birdbonanza (Musician), furious potato (Musician), isophoro (Programmer), Rifxii (Assistant Programmer), MegaFreedom1274 (Week 6 Opponent + Sprites), CircleMan (Week 3 Background + Week 5 Sprites), Winkelsas (Pixel Sprites), Pierogii (Week 5 Sprites), Kermo Giovanna (Week 6 Background Sprites), mAllus (Week 4 Sprites), Dellacide (Pixel Background), wolfiedust1 (Week 2 Opponent Sprites), heartlocket (Protagonist Sprites), Wee_Jr (Week 2 Opponent Sprites), and Vortmite1 (Charter).

Update // November 1, 2021 // Two new Weeks added and the entire mod overhauled

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FNF: Friday Night Fever + Taki's Revenge ONLINE //
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