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FNF VS Impostor v4 (FNF x Among Us) Game

FNF VS Impostor v4 (FNF x Among Us) · Free Game · Play Online

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FNF VS Impostor v4 (FNF x Among Us) is the long-awaited official update to one of the most popular mods for the music rhythm game Friday Night Funkin' (FNF). Packed with more than 50 songs, high-quality sprites, and cutscenes, it marks the return of the cold-blooded killer from Among Us and leaves Boyfriend no other option but to challenge him to a rap battle once again. The final battle begins!

Made by Clowfoe, Ethan TheDoodler, _emi, mayhew, aqua, fabs, ziffy, salterino, Rozebud, duskie, punkett, emihead, Saster, Rareblin, keoni, Keegan, fluffyhairs, Nii-san, JADS, loggo, mayo, Mash Pro Tato, Julien, neato, orbyy, squidboy, pip, crocidy, Lay Lasagna, coti, elikapika, Farfoxx, Steve, MSG, Gonk, gibz, thales and kal.

⚠️ [Last updated on ]
✅ Added mobile support. More optimization when Potato Sprites enabled. Safari is not recommended when playing on a MacBook (Safari for iPhone/iPad is OK though, but it's unstable as usual).

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FNF VS Impostor v4 (FNF x Among Us) //
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FNF VS Impostor v4 (FNF x Among Us) · Video

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