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FNF VS Impostor v4 (FNF x Among Us) Game

FNF VS Impostor v4 (FNF x Among Us) · Free Game · Play Online

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FNF VS Impostor v4 (FNF x Among Us) is the long-awaited official update to one of the most popular mods for the music rhythm game Friday Night Funkin' (FNF). Packed with more than 50 songs, high-quality sprites, and cutscenes, it marks the return of the cold-blooded killer from Among Us and leaves Boyfriend no other option but to challenge him to a rap battle once again. The final battle begins!

Looking for v5 (April Fool's Day Update)? Follow this link to play the Psych Engine port of it.

Made by Clowfoe, Ethan TheDoodler, _emi, mayhew, aqua, fabs, ziffy, salterino, Rozebud, duskie, punkett, emihead, Saster, Rareblin, keoni, Keegan, fluffyhairs, Nii-san, JADS, loggo, mayo, Mash Pro Tato, Julien, neato, orbyy, squidboy, pip, crocidy, Lay Lasagna, coti, elikapika, Farfoxx, Steve, MSG, Gonk, gibz, thales and kal.

⚠️ [Last updated on ]
✅ Fixed some minor scaling issues regarding Potato Sprites

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FNF VS Impostor v4 (FNF x Among Us) //
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FNF VS Impostor v4 (FNF x Among Us) · Video

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