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FNF: Friday Night Dustin' Game

FNF: Friday Night Dustin' · Free Game · Play Online

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FNF: Friday Night Dustin' is a work-in-progress mod for Friday Night Funkin' inspired by Dusttale, one of Undertale's darkest alternative universes. Immerse yourself in the unsettling world of Dusttale and face off against Sans, who seeks to defeat Boyfriend possessed by Chara. This demo features three songs, with more than 20 promised for the full release.

Made by WassabiSoja (Main Director, Main Musician, Artist, Animator, Cutscene Animator), MarMqr (Co-director, Musician), David0414 (Musician), SkieHiePie (Musician), Madhayter (Musician, Voice Actor), chuf (Main Artist, Animator), AmazeinG666 (Artist, Animator), Tri-Dot (Artist), Frostic (Background Artist, Events Charter), Weedeet (Artist, Background Artist), Floid (Artist, Background Artist), DemoAsh (Concept/Thumbnail Artist), Apricoska (Pixel Artist), Samuel Pastel (Artist), Cheez101 (Animator), E- (Artist, Animator), korean nooby (Artist), Troupe Master Sebi (Animator), NLD (Main Coder), F4ku (Cutscene Animator), Fredrick Funny (Charter), Forced to (Charter), Sykley, AuxCord (Calvin) (VoiceActor), Osteophile (Created the DustTale AU), TobyFox (Created Undertale), TheFunkinCrew (Created Friday Night Funkin'), Hooda the Antagonist (She Made the Papyrus Chrom) and El sans mcdonalds (Es Un Capo).

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FNF: Friday Night Dustin' //
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