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FNF: MOBMOD (Minecraft x Friday Night Funkin') Game

FNF: MOBMOD (Minecraft x Friday Night Funkin') · Free Game · Play Online

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FNF: MOBMOD (Minecraft x Friday Night Funkin') is a remarkable Minecraft-themed mod for Friday Night Funkin' that continues the journey of Boyfriend and Girlfriend after the events of FNF VS Steve. As the duo embarks on a quest to defeat the Ender Dragon and beat Minecraft, they find themselves in outstanding rap battles with Minecraft mobs along the way, blending the worlds of rhythm and blocky adventures in a fun and unexpected mashup.

Made by TheGaboDiaz (Director, Composer, Animator, BG Artist, Spanish Translation), TracedInPurple (Lead Programmer, Composer), TomyGamy (Coder, French Translation), FuroYT (Coder), Verbler (Coder), j0kers_card (Composer), YoshiBoy (Composer), AndrewDotWeb (Extra Composer & Animator), Anton Ekan (Cutscene Animator), Axyyyyy (Cutscene Animator), Bos27_ (Main BG Artist), Fidy50 (Charter), DaThugWizard (Original Boyfriend Skin), Perscna (Original Girlfriend Skin), jy_bii :3 (Original Pico, Darnell & Nene Skins), MauriWaka (Spanish Chile Translation), _Tinny_ (Spanish Peru Translation), Zifrion (Spanish Ecuador Translation), kornelbut (Polish Translation), JellyBoii (Polish Translation), Hot Mustafa (Turkish Translation), CaraBr222 (Portuguese Translation), Alexandergamer64 (Norwegian Translation), StormCentral (German Translation), alepro_10 (Italian Translation), GaryGaming24 (Romanian Translation), VEMER (Lithuanian Translation), Lancer9991 (Russian Translation), ~Suspicious_Duck~ (Russian Translation), Ntinboo (Greek Translation), ezexdlolp (Spanish Argentina Translation), Twitchy Camera (French Canada Translation), heyitsotama (Indonesian Translation), SiniyFX (Georgian Translation), Cryfur (Dutch Translation), G3HREE (Ukrainian Translation), LunaEK (Vietnamese Translation), slenty0013 (Simplified Chinese Translation) and HanseungJun (Korean Translation).

⚠️ [Last updated on ]
✅ Fixed the potion mechanics. Press [Shift] + [A] to drink the potion. The chat-like dialogues will be added later this week.

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FNF: MOBMOD (Minecraft x Friday Night Funkin') //
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