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Rating: 5
FNF: Spooky's Saturday Scare Game

FNF: Spooky's Saturday Scare · Free Game · Play Online

Rating: 4.8 · Your rating: n/a · Total votes: 80

FNF: Spooky's Saturday Scare is a story-driven Friday Night Funkin' mod about Daddy Dearest's yet another attempt to get Boyfriend assassinated... by luring him into a haunted house full of nasty creatures.

Made by TheOsSloth (Director and Extra Tiny Bits!), legole0 (Main Programmer and Charting), DubztepUniverze (Sprites and BGs), TheiMP0509 (BG Artist, Other Art), DistopTF2 (Sprite Artist, Other Art), Shammah, CelestialResort (BG), Gagato (Game Over Art), Poyo (Game Over Art), Korean Nooby (Sprite Artst), Mari_chan (Sketches and Promo Art), Red Robin (Gallery and Misc), TME (3D Assets), MayCReal (3D Assets), Entro-P (Composer), melxicy (Composer), Mr_NoL (Composer), Seberster (Composer), shinolad (Charter), Jack-0_ (Animator for 9 Boss), TackSFM (Visualizers and Chromatics), RaiGuyyy (Voice Actor), Spookynova (Voice Actor) and Ness (Playtesting).

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FNF: Spooky's Saturday Scare //
  1. 2D
  2. 2023 📆
  3. Arcade 🏃
  4. Boyfriend (BF) 🎤
  5. Challenging 😖
  6. Cool 😎
  7. Dark 😟
  8. FNF (Friday Night Funkin') 🎵
  9. For Boys 👦
  10. For Girls 👧
  11. Fullscreen 📺
  12. Girlfriend (GF) 👩‍🦰
  13. HTML5
  14. Keyboard Only 💻
  15. Monster 👹
  16. Music 🎵
  17. Rhythm
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