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FNF VS Yourself: Silly Billy (Hit Single) Game

FNF VS Yourself: Silly Billy (Hit Single) · Free Game · Play Online

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FNF VS Yourself: Silly Billy (Hit Single) is a high-effort port of the Friday Night Funkin' song "Silly Billy" featured in the latest update of the popular "Hit Single" mod. Must play!

Made by Sturm/Churgney Gurgney (Director, Composer), SPACENAUTICA (Co-Director, Artist), Aperatus (3D Artist), Dahleag (3D Artist, Animator), LectroA (3D Artist, Animator), undyinrose (Artist), Meh (Artist, Animator), Stonesteve (Artist, Animator), Zinkk99 (Artist, Animator), Marco Antonio (Artist, Animator), iseta (Artist, Animator), Re_Thinkin (Animator), Triki Troy (Artist), scrumbo_ (BG Art), SPRINGTRAP CRITIQUE (BG Art), FranksPole (Charter, Audio Design), Neutroa (Composer), phantasmuh (Composer), TapWater (Composer), wrathstetic (Assistant Lyricist), Lymphh (Assistant Lyricist), Decoy (Programmer), DuskieWhy (Programmer), data5 (Programmer), CumiNashe (Sound Design), goofe3 (Charter), VanillaaVani (Artist), RedTV53 (Composer), elizabethaiko (Artist, Animator), duccly (Composer), Ironik0422 (Composer), Bonker34 (Artist, Animator), Razencro (Cycles Encore Sprites), Joedoughboi (Cycles Encore Sprites), AdjDraws (Cycles Encore Sprites), PoorlyDrawnGaming (Gassy Piracy Sonic), Doorknob (Designer of Yourself), Divide (Designer of Yourself) and h0nkish (Silly Billy Inspiration).

⚠️ [Last updated on ]
✅ Added Silly Billy's lyrics animation, added the Blue shader (shaders can be turned on and off in the Options menu)

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FNF VS Yourself: Silly Billy (Hit Single) //
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FNF VS Yourself: Silly Billy (Hit Single) · Video

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