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FNF: Wednesday's Infidelity (PART 2) Game

FNF: Wednesday's Infidelity (PART 2) · Free Game · Play Online

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FNF: Wednesday's Infidelity is a first-rate Friday Night Funkin' mod based on the horror aesthetics of FNF VS Suicide Mouse. Engage in a set of three story-driven Weeks against what's left of poor Mickey Mouse and treat yourself with lots of bonus songs available in the Freeplay mode.

September 9, 2022 // Updated to PART 2 with lots of new songs and covers

Made by Jhaix (Director & Creator, Main Musician), Nugget (Co-Director, Icon, Thumbail, Logo and Sprite Artist), Cape (Main Charter of 13 Songs and Coder), Zero (Story Writer, Art Director, Sprite Artist and BG Artist), Kass8tto (Part 1 BG Artist and Part 2 Among Us Sprite Artist), Marco Antonio (Among Us Sprite Animator and Oswald Album Artist), Lunar (Main Programmer), Jloor (Programmer), Royal (Programmer), Sandi (Hellhole, Untold Loneliness, Vesania and Spring March Musician), Awe (U.S, Versiculus Iratus, Needlemouse and Leak Ma Balls Musician), Lean (Extra Musician, Coder, Animation Helper, and Sound Effects), Flaconadir (Cheddar Week Musician, Mickey and Oswald VA), iKenny (Musician), ReddudeXD (Carnival in Toyland Musician), Tok (Charter and Mokey Icon Artist), KINGF0X (Voice Actor) and Adam McHummus (Corpse Base Musician).

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FNF: Wednesday's Infidelity (PART 2) //
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FNF: Wednesday's Infidelity (PART 2) · Video

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