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FNF: Saturday Fatality Game

FNF: Saturday Fatality · Free Game · Play Online

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FNF: Saturday Fatality is a multi-week Friday Night Funkin' mod inspired by the 2021 piece of modding art Wednesday's Infidelity. Released as a demo, Saturday Fatality puts Oswald the Lucky Rabbit at the core of the story and contains both new songs and remixed old ones, resulting in a total of 13 songs.

Made by ShadowGame00 (Director, Coder, Charter, Menu Artist), AlejandroAE00 (Co-director, Main Artist, Animator, Charter), Bianca (Composer of Accident), Lavy (Composer and Main Artist of Toony Night), Mack (Composer of Tenebris, Winter Dance and Unsafe Worthlessness), Ragnaros (Composer and Animator of Untold Loneliness Ragnaros), GusDeGreat (Composer of Uselessness and Starvation), Kxley (Yakko Chromatics), Funtime Nero (Composer of Widower and Luck's Abyss), Adam McHummus (Composer of Despondecy), sandii (Composer of Untold Loneliness), themsmreaper (Composer of Life on Hiatus), Nickobelit (Pause Script, Tenebris Events) and !NicolasMyt (Camera Script).

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FNF: Saturday Fatality //
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