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FNF: Darkness Takeover (Family Guy x Pibby) [Updated] Game

FNF: Darkness Takeover (Family Guy x Pibby) [Updated] · Free Game · Play Online

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FNF: Darkness Takeover (Family Guy x Pibby) is a high-effort work-in-progress Friday Night Funkin' mod about one well-known family facing the horrors of the so-called Pibby virus. Join the team of survivors and fend off the corrupted ones.

Made by MiniSymba (Director), Weednose (Co-director, Main Composer), ZuuNuzz (Co-director, Artist, Promo Artist), Revenant (Concept Artist), Bandit (Artist, Vocal Designer), Soldier (Charter, Concept Artist, Story Help), AlexTeaMan (Animator, Artist), King Daniel (Musician, Artist), Sad Grunt (Main Icon Artist), TheRealMessy (Musician), Crashy (Musician), MikeyKitten (Animator), Yoosuf Meekail (Musician), F4 (Animator, Artist), Conehat (Musician), Sapphire-Modder (Animator, Artist), majinbee (Artist), PizzaPogg (Artist, Musician), CheeseMaxi (Animator), ColdTea (Animator, Artist), KRM (Animator, Cutscene Artist), RVG (Charter, Artist), HotRacer652 (Charter), bigchungamong (Charter, Vocal Designer), ADA (Source Coder), Latter (Lua Coder, Charter), Crotheon (Former Dev) and Dul (Former Dev).

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✅ Updated to the full release version

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FNF: Darkness Takeover (Family Guy x Pibby) [Updated] //
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FNF: Darkness Takeover (Family Guy x Pibby) [Updated] · Video

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