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FNF: The Funkin' (Walten) Files Game

FNF: The Funkin' (Walten) Files · Free Game · Play Online

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FNF x The Walten Files (Friday Night Funkin') is a multi-week FNF mod based on The Walten Files, an ongoing animated horror series by Martin Walls.

August 18, 2022 // Updated to the Ghastly Relocation version

Made by Froakii (Director, Programmer, Composer, Artist, Animator, Chart Editor), Artistic Rabbit (Artist), Bella Cat (Artist), Blasterpaster (Icon Artist), BrittiKitti (Background Artist), cosmicalarcade (Artist), cosmosofconns (Chart Editor), DarkDamien (Voice Actor for Banny), dublicus (Co-Director, Chromatic and Voice Actor for Mortality, Chromatic for Bon, Producer for Caution V2, Programmer, Charter), haylow (Chart Editor), JazzyLadd (Voice Actor for Ashley), Jeta de Hetty (Artist), KrysP (Artist, Animator), L. Gamer (Artist), JustCallMeLegion_YT (Artist, Voice Actor for Jolly Ghost & Sha), LogantheCrazy123 (Voice Actor for Pumpkin Rabbit & Boozoo), Mizuki Wolf (Cover & Application Icon Artist), prowerpower (Voice Actor for Sophie), Sex Rat Official (Artist), StarstruckMods (Animator, Composer, Chart Editor) and T8KU (Co-Director, Voice Actor for Bon / Bunnyfarm, Billy & Sad Ghost, Chromatics for Ashley, Billy, Jolly Ghost, Sad Ghost & Sha, Producer for Caution V2).

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FNF: The Funkin' (Walten) Files //
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FNF: The Funkin' (Walten) Files · Video

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