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FNF: Cryptid Night Funkin Game

FNF: Cryptid Night Funkin · Free Game · Play Online

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FNF: Cryptid Night Funkin is a work-in-progress Friday Night Funkin' mod inspired by Trevor Henderson's horror artwork, such as Siren Head, Cartoon Cat and others. Being developed by a lot of talented people, this demo includes five songs with the full release coming soon.

Made by BalloonBoyXd, Seevent (Director), KenethYT (Director), TheodorePOG (CoDirector), MushyLikesMuffins, AshyTown, Jacc Pizza, Devianator, Ghostface, ShrubityShrub, Genorelm, Numberless, Mau16R, ThatOne_Kid, ParaDev, StebanAR, Franderman, YT_GD, Nii-san, SyncopiteStorm158, Pretzel, magbros.ogg, Lppsassy96, TheGrams31, DestBruh, Noppz, bruj, Iro, sirj455, ◉Ⓢpr➀n➅yⓉeⓩe.➂➈ ◉, Tinny, MorenoTheCappuccinoChugger, TylerTheGamer, Ovron, AziVA, FunnyMan87, Trevor Henderson, Flaconadir, Darne, STA, JSZB, KarimThatsMe and jsparo kun.

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FNF: Cryptid Night Funkin //
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FNF: Cryptid Night Funkin · Video

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