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FNF: B3 Remixed 3.5 Game

FNF: B3 Remixed 3.5 · Free Game · Play Online

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FNF: B3 Remixed is a total conversion Friday Night Funkin' mod featuring adrenaline-pumping remixes, redesigned characters, new story, custom UI elements, and much more. Can you survive in this so familiar yet so different world? Dive in!

May 18, 2022 // Updated to v3.5

Made by @Biddle3 (Musical Director and Main Musician), @DegenDan (Lead Director, Coder, Charter, and Storyboarder), @Benlab (Musician, Composer of Fang and Succ), Foodieti (Composer of Mi-Opera), @penkaru (Musician), @Jams3D (Lead Artist, and Cutscene Director), @Paciofd (Lead Artist, Coder, Charter, and Artist), Deca (Artist), @xooplord (Dialogue Portrait and Special Note Assets Artist), @Cval (Charter, Coder), @RandomInc (Animator, Artist), Faye (Animator, Artist), Squidley (Character Designer), @BreezyMelee (Coder), Jackie (Coder), @bbpanzu (Coder, Animator, Artist), @NeatoNG (Animator, Artist), @itsYabo (Animator, Artist), @Milla209NG (Animator, Artist), Bizarre_Ethan (Animator, Artist), @EthanTheDoodler (Animator, Artist), @Sulayre (Coder), @KadeDev (Coder), TSG (Coded in Lyric System), @SugarRatio (Animator, Artist), Shell/Shellyn (Background Artist, Dialogue Portrait Artist), @teethlust (UI Artist, Background Artist), @itoSaihara (UI Artist, Background Artist), @neuroxrd (Charter, Coder), @discwraith (Charter), @Glitcchy (Charter), @Johncomics (Animator, Artist), @BlazeTheWolf55 (Creator of Original Recolors), @Foxeru (Charter), @DuckierKarma (Storyboarder, Major supporter, Mia Osuna's GF), Spiteater (Mia Osuna's Voice) and @CelShader (Support)

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FNF: B3 Remixed 3.5 //
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