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FNF VS Cyrix: Binary Breakdown Game

FNF VS Cyrix: Binary Breakdown · Free Game · Play Online

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FNF VS Cyrix: Binary Breakdown is a grand update to last year's FNF VS Cyrix, one of the first full-week mods for Friday Night Funkin'. Numerous rap battle victories and word of mouth lead Boyfriend and Girlfriend to a music studio run by Cyrix, a producer they never met before. He is about to mix up some new tracks and offers the two of them to take part. But what are Cyrix's real motives to invite BF and GF? Let's find out!

September 12, 2022 // Updated to the Binary Breakdown version

Made by Matt$ (Director, OC Owner, Composer, Charter), Widen2wo (Lead Programmer of Week 2), Seatlaw (Lead Animator of Week 2), someguy045 (Lead Artist), AyeTSG (Lead Programmer of Week 1), Seatlaw (Additional Art of Week 1), vomic (Lead Artist of Week 1), Murasaki (Programming Help), Noppz (Charting Help), Kazolzen (Logo Artist), SodaReishii (Extra BF Portraits Artist), TokyoGalaxy (Main Menu BG Artist, Assistant Character Designer), Kallionic (Video Editor), Cloud_Spires (Design Help) and RadioHectixx (Album Cover Artist).

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