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FNF: Antipathy 1.2 (VS Hank & Tricky)  Game

FNF: Antipathy 1.2 (VS Hank & Tricky) · Free Game · Play Online

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FNF: Antipathy (VS Hank & Tricky) is an outstanding Friday Night Funkin' mod based on the Madness Combat web series. Step into the wilds of the deserted state of Nevada and prepare to be challenged by two of its most dangerous denizens, Tricky and Hank.

Made by Ito Saihara (Director, Artist), Ehtma Reiner (Artist), itsYabo (Artist), LittleGeecko (Artist), tootsit (Artist, VA), lattebuns (Artist), LEAFBUG (Artist), xooplord (Animator), DusterBuster (Artist), EllisBros (Artist), JayyThunder (Artist), SugarRatio (Artist), STS-PuellePEsaya (Artist), Phillia Esaya (Artist), wedgecuts (Programmer), PaledPrime (Composer), karanXD (Composer), Case_ (Composer, charted one song), Wilde (Charter), GARBIE PATTIE (Artist), HighPoweredArt/Keyz (Artist), ArcticBlu (Artist), Jonutan (Artist), MaxOKE (Artist), Mykrou (Artist), Slushy_Anime (3D Models), Jams3D (3D Rigging), TamBrush (3D Rigging), WBS_Ofical (3D Animator), makos (3D Animator), Muberk (3D Animator), StickyBM (Voice Actor), William Harmar (Voice Actor), Krinkles (Creator of Madness Combat), Funkin' Team (Self-Explanatory) and Team Quiver (Support).

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✅ Added one new song, Armaggedon

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FNF: Antipathy 1.2 (VS Hank & Tricky) · Video

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