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FNF VS Evil Impostor (2024) Game

FNF VS Evil Impostor (2024) · Free Game · Play Online

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FNF VS Evil Impostor (2024) is a multi-Week mod for Friday Night Funkin' that turns the tables on FNF VS Impostor, introducing a new set of adversaries, diverging from Red, Green, and Black. Prepare to face off against their mirrored counterparts (known as Mint, Hot Pink, and White), as well as many other characters that span across 19 original songs, including a whole new Henry Stickmin Week.

Made by KimberlyAya (Main Director, Main Artist, Lua Coding), IvurriRosewood (Founder, Assist in Songs, Character Voices, Dual Mischief), kakow0 (Cyborg Week OST, Prankster & Gu, Dual Mischief, Chart for Gu), GhostBunny (Main Coder, Source Coding), rodreal (Release Trailer, Gameover Music & Effects), Cryfur (Main Charter, Cutscenes SFX), sumpy (Heatwave, Skylarking and Parasitical Background, OST Art, Prankster Opponent Sprites), Malor (Evil BF Idle & Icon, Old Evil BF Sprites), Gumbalino (Gumbalino Week Art, IMPs Trailer), Kliv (Defeat Background, Cyborg Tweaking), JakeHomys (Cloud in Skylarking, Menu Mint), mango21_1 (Red Win Sprites), gruntos (Red Win Background), RonyCommitment (Mischance Background), Nii-san (Duplicity Instrumental, Sussus Shrugus Instrumental), DeepFriedBolognese (Duplicity Vocals, Parasitical Instrumental), Amarinn (Mischance & Heatwave, Betrayed Assist, OST in Skylarking Cutscene), DJ Cyrus (Unfinished Business), El Chistologo (Mbalino, Bucket Club Instrumental), pogotheduck (Sussus Shrugus Vocals), maii__ (Vintage), Soba Noodles (Pristine & Red Win), salty frog (Promotional Art), Steve (Promotional Art), MuraSsakino (Events and Optimization), ShinyMari (Chart for Betrayed and Political), kurtfan5468 (Chart for Sussus Shrugus), Bitto (Bouncy Event), remiinteger (Camera Twist Event), luminalights (Last Day Duplicity Mixing), Spook (Bojjo and Cabbagungus Spritesheet), yuuko42 (Fella Spritesheet), spookynova (Xaphan's Lines), loggo (Red's Line), emi_ (Defeat Cutscene Frame), Rareblin (Original Defeat), FuniFred (Evil Nonsense) and IMPOSTORM (Original Characters).

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