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FNF x CoryxKenshin: Shogun Showdown Game

FNF x CoryxKenshin: Shogun Showdown · Free Game · Play Online

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FNF x CoryxKenshin: Shogun Showdown is a work-in-progress Friday Night Funkin' mod that may not have all those fancy mid-song events other mods are full of but has everything we love FNF for in the first place, some great music and an adrenaline-pumping beat that is. Go ahead and give it a shot!

Made by Fidy50 (Director, Charter), KaosKurve (Made Logo), xooplord (Made Cory Sprites), VibeWithGalaxy (BF Death Animation), fries0823 (Made BF Poses and Misses), Lemon (Background Artist and Dev Icon Maker), Krinqle (Designed Cory), Chilltin (Icons), Nubbie (Animated Logo), RayZord (Composed Flow), fueg0 (Composed M.O.T.H), Nubbie (Composed Shogun), nylu (Composed Pure Vibes), Sheeway (Composed the Pause Theme), fueg0 (Coded Nearly Everything), YoshiCrafter29 (Helped Code), CoryxKenshin (VA, Chromatic Samples, Inspiration), Bloximator (Edited All OST Videos) and Beans (Promo Art).

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FNF x CoryxKenshin: Shogun Showdown //
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FNF x CoryxKenshin: Shogun Showdown · Video

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