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FNF VS Door Stuck Game

FNF VS Door Stuck · Free Game · Play Online

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FNF VS Door Stuck is a first-class Friday Night Funkin' mod based on the old Door Stuck meme related to Counter Strike 1.6. Packed with seven high-quality songs, the mod features custom BF & GF sprites, video cutscenes, and mid-song lyrics events.

Made by Speedz (Director, Artist, Animator. Editor), Razencro (Sprites, Co-Director), drazicallyedm (Composer), SantiOkuu (Composer), MarStarBro (Composer), Tsuraran (Composer), PurTheArtist (Sprite Artist, Misc), Spyrodile (Background & Icon Artist), Gray (Background Asset Artist), bacon_xqcL (Programmer), BreezyMelee (Programmer), Cerbera (Charting), JRBSN_ (Being the Door Stuck guy), NemoInABottle (Sprite Help), StickyBM (Helper), Shadow Mario (Coding Help), vibe_67 (Coding Help), spacepandalol (Helped out with promo art), Poopace (Made the awesome promo art), TKTems (Zoom Event), Unholywanderer04 (Subtitle Event), Chroma & Dossy (Being in the OG group of people in the team), Speedz's Toilet (Idea), sleepy_oreo (DS Chromatic) and PhantomArcade (Tankman Sprites).

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FNF VS Door Stuck //
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FNF VS Door Stuck · Video

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