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FNF VS 500 v2.0 Game

FNF VS 500 v2.0 · Free Game · Play Online

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FNF VS 500 v2.0 is a double-week Friday Night Funkin' mod with 2 opponents to face off against, 6 songs to beat, and 7 cutscenes to watch.

Credits: Cirtraxx (Project Leader, Main Coder), mmmaple (Sprite Artist, Coder), R3M (Sprite Artist), TorchicZK (Sprite Artist), Sprint (Cutscene Artist), bortouii (Background Artist), DamiNation (Background Artist), KazoooTheCat (Menu BG Artist, Concept Artist), TypicalArtie (Logo Artist, Icon Artist), AveryDoesStuffs (Concept Artist), CryBit (Coder), Lexicord (Coding Assistance), ash237 (Coding Assistance), Rockwizard5 (Music Composer), Dominus (Music Composer), Xyle (Music Composer), SleyGD (Music Composer), Visummum (Music Composer), nylu (Music Composer), RagingTurtle (Charter), niffirg (Charter), Fidy50 (Charter), JannTheJuicebox (Charter), PooterStapot (Credits Icon Artist), Sink (VA of 500), Biddle3 (VA of GF), MikeTheMagicMan (VA of Passé), Darkswe (VA of Décès), Speedz (Trailer Editor), KadeDeveloper (Kade Engine), crumche (PlayTester), astrrll (PlayTester), Edge (PlayTester), xiii (PlayTester), Flippy (Playtester), Kaiza (Playtester), Mels (Supporter), kr1t (Supporter), ScorchVx (Supporter), RetroUpgrade (Supporter), Comgaming_Nz (Supporter), vMaya (Supporter), RadleyMcTuneston (Supporter), AmorAltra (Supporter).

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FNF VS 500 v2.0 //
  1. 2D
  2. 2021 📆
  3. Arcade 🏃
  4. FNF (Friday Night Funkin') 🎵
  5. For Boys 👦
  6. For Girls 👧
  7. Fullscreen 📺
  8. HTML5
  9. Keyboard Only 💻
  10. Music 🎵
  11. Regular 😐
  12. Rhythm
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