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FNF: Plants vs Funkers Game

FNF: Plants vs Funkers · Free Game · Play Online

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FNF: Plants vs Funkers is a multi-week Friday Night Funkin' mod based on PopCap's award-winning game series Plants VS Zombies and inspired by Jason The Art Kid's exemplary modification FNF: Plants VS Rappers.

Made by Arkly (Director, Animator), Diego-Renatox (BF and GF Zombie Skins), hojita_de._.menta (BG Ex-Artist), Gargan (Sprite Artist), MarkoBoyGamer_YT (Sprite Artist, Promo Art), Lyno The Cat (Rey pro YT) (Lily Pad Artist, Credits Icons, More), XEnderxp (BG Artist), Dedga (Animator), Arkly, Inotcuatheneo (Composer), Emi_12 (Composer), MrThiaG014 (Composer), carmonplay (Composer of Jelly), Jason The Art Kid (Inspiration), JustIDK (Script Finder), Knuxy (Script Finder and Ideas), FanaticosJuegos (Collaboration) and Xinfyshine (Logo Bumpin).

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FNF: Plants vs Funkers //
  1. 2D
  2. 2022 📆
  3. Arcade 🏃
  4. Based on Videogames
  5. Challenging 😖
  6. FNF (Friday Night Funkin') 🎵
  7. For Boys 👦
  8. For Girls 👧
  9. Fullscreen 📺
  10. HTML5
  11. Keyboard Only 💻
  12. Music 🎵
  13. Rhythm
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