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FNF: Just Another Sussy Mod Game

FNF: Just Another Sussy Mod · Free Game · Play Online

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FNF: Just Another Sussy Mod is a story-driven Friday Night Funkin' mod about Boyfriend and Girlfriend's yet another play session in Among Us.

Made by TuneC (Project Manager, Main Artist), niokkk (Musician), linamongus4 (Artist), -Brock (Main Charter), PhantomNexus (Main Charter), dimonsik (Main Coder), Pnut (Menu Designer), Kunidev (Cyan Reference), HackHype (Mask v1), MisterOficerPL (Cutscene Music), h4mster (Big Help With Files) and Funduk (GameBanana Help).

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FNF: Just Another Sussy Mod //
  1. 2D
  2. 2022 📆
  3. Among Us 🔪
  4. Arcade 🏃
  5. Based on Videogames
  6. FNF (Friday Night Funkin') 🎵
  7. For Boys 👦
  8. For Girls 👧
  9. Fullscreen 📺
  10. Funny 😆
  11. HTML5
  12. Keyboard Only 💻
  13. Music 🎵
  14. Rhythm

FNF: Just Another Sussy Mod · Video

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