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Friday Night Rayman Game

Friday Night Rayman · Free Game · Play Online

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Friday Night Rayman is a content-rich Friday Night Funkin' mod based on the Rayman franchise, with more than 30 songs to play.

Made by DrawPant (Director, Musician, Charter, Main Animator), bIum#3922 (HUD & OST Art), ELBENJAGO (Charter), Indi#2770 (Video Editor), zi_indra (Musician), DaniArt_XD (Spriter), AdamIvan163 (MrDark Sprites), Fimbulveter (Charter), Vasalto (Musician & Coder), Eydan02 (Icon Artist), Dark_The_Player0 (Musician), rodfox#8530 (Tars Spriter), Braian_Funkin_YT2009#9458 (Scripting), Shirl#1206 (Magician Voice), starina#2247 (Rayman Voice), Nao (Barbara Voice), alphabetic×demon#7441 (BG Artist), Fiseroli#0543 (Director), Juane#1710 (Sonico Sprites), Gxtru (Director), yellofry (Musician (VS Nermal)) and DonAlgo (Musician (VS Homr)).

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Friday Night Rayman //
  1. 2D
  2. 2022 📆
  3. Arcade 🏃
  4. Based on Videogames
  5. FNF (Friday Night Funkin') 🎵
  6. For Boys 👦
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  9. HTML5
  10. Keyboard Only 💻
  11. Music 🎵
  12. Regular 😐
  13. Rhythm

Friday Night Rayman · Video

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