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FNF VS Pibby Nightmare Evil Game

FNF VS Pibby Nightmare Evil · Free Game · Play Online

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FNF VS Pibby Nightmare Evil is a one-shot Friday Night Funkin' mod featuring two well-known horror entities corrupted by the calamitous glitch from Come and Learn with Pibby. The creepypasta doppelganger of Sonic backed by Blue from the Roblox game Rainbow Friends are the ones to face off against in this multiverse clash. Without further ado, let the battle begin!

Made by scrumbo_ (Director, Sprite Artist, Composer), Icey (Animator, Icon Artist), FriedFrick (Composer, VA for Sonic.EXE), Churgney Gurgney (Composer, VA for ???), Fredrick Funny (Coder), Decoy (Charter), !Ash/Stat! (Camera Script), Lanky Box (Biggest Inspiration), Wilde (Charted Debug Song), Jakeneutron (Made Original Concept of Pibby and BF) and FNF: Pibby Corrupted Team (Creators of the Pibby and BF Sprites).

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FNF VS Pibby Nightmare Evil //
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FNF VS Pibby Nightmare Evil · Video

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