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FNF: Blank Pages Game

FNF: Blank Pages · Free Game · Play Online

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FNF: Blank Pages is a high-quality Friday Night Funkin' mod that revolves around a goat-ish character named Paige Curtson and her eventful life in the pink-painted world of Utopian Mirage.

Made by Unoriginalspaz (Owner of Paige, Primary Animator & VA), Legogodzilla (Composed Transcendent, They're Fine, Bar Fight, & IHOP Date + VA), Kayle (Composed Blank Tranquility), Boingo Balls - Chromatic Maker (Chromatics), Sr. Egg (Coded Everything & Charted Every Song), SakuraArtZ (Animator), BunxMaker (Animator), Biscuit (Artist), charrxcoal._ (Artist & VA), Ranexxu (Artist), Unnamed Generator (Artist), Ajaxxal (Artist), Poppet-Seed (Artist), sir.melon (UI Artist), Artangels (Writer & Concept Artist), ItzGlitchTart (Concept Artist & VA), yourlocalcryptid (Concept Artist), SplashZix (Paige VA), TheHPGuy (Tester & VA), Greeted (Tester & VA) and TheRoyalTony (Moral Support & Paige Simp).

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