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Friday Night Fever: S-Story Game

Friday Night Fever: S-Story · Free Game · Play Online

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Friday Night Fever: S-Story is a multi-week Friday Night Funkin' mod that serves as a fan-made spin-off to last year's FNF: Friday Night Fever. Join the main character, Skelly, on her stroll around Fever Town and let the course of random events take you through the story.

Made by Skellsun (Leader, Icon Artist), Homie Stephen (Co-Owner, Concept Help), ElitePhoenix (Main Programmer, Artist, Musician & Animator), isophoro (Programming Help), dellacide (Programming Help), Heartlxcket (Sprite Artist), Mimi (Main Artist), Zana_! (Week 1 Opponent Sprites, Dialogue Writer), Aster (Story Mode Asset Art), Cupcake (Background, Album Cover Art), Winkel (Pixel Artist, Hidden Opponent), CircleMan (Sprite, Album Cover Art), Mat (Sprite Artist), Rosamay (Sprite, Asset Art), HyphaeShade (Background, Album, Dialogue Art, Writing), Bliss (Background, Sprite Art), No-Mi (S-Story BF, Animator), SurfeBit (Background, Asset Help), Zarrene (Sprite Help), BizarreEthen (Art Director, Album Cover Help), X_bruh (Week 1 Opponent, Artist), Theesl (Week 4 Opponent, Concept Artist), iceified (Animator), ScorpGlad (Week 2 Opponent, Concept Artist), AthenGem (Musician, Chromatic Help, Video Editor), MegaFreedom1274 (Musician), Red (Musician), Remerk (Musician, Chromatic Help), Kasu (Musician), Biddle3 (Chromatic Help), Kye_VL (Main Charter), DiscWraith (Charting), LemmySS (Expert Charting), TixyCeleste (Charting), Nitro_X2 (Charting, Chromatic Help), ScoopsAhoyBoi (Charting), Viva (Charting, Chromatic Help), Kermo Giovanna (Kermo Giovanna), Stadic (Week 2 Opponent, Dialogue Writer), Peakek (VA + Chromatic Help) and ThatOneIdiotXav (Main Menu Help).

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