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FNF vs Aflac Remastered (Friday Night Funkin') Game

FNF vs Aflac Remastered (Friday Night Funkin') Game · Play Online For Free

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FNF vs Aflac (Friday Night Funkin') is a high-effort mod based on the music rhythm game Friday Night Funkin' (FNF). Named after a mysterious Minecraft character whose face is hidden behind a mask, the mod contains 2 story weeks and a bunch of freeplay songs as a bonus. Made by aflac (Owner, Coding), Super Bonk (Sprites, Animation), SmokeCannon (Music), WhippyOrc (Charting), kofv (Background Art), and Imaxinator (Cutscene Help).

December 02, 2021 // Updated to Aflac Remastered

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FNF vs Aflac Remastered (Friday Night Funkin') //
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