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FNF: Mic of Time — Final Hours Game

FNF: Mic of Time — Final Hours · Free Game · Play Online

Rating: 4.4 · Your rating: n/a · Total votes: 30

FNF: Mic of Time — Final Hours is a content-rich Friday Night Funkin' mod based on the Ben Drowned creepypasta. Face off against what looks a lot like Link of the Legend of Zelda franchise and go on a button-mashing spree by fighting other otherworldly creatures.

Made by Nom_lol (Director, Programmer, Original Idea), RaiGuyyy (Co-Director, Lead Voice Actor), Kahmelio (Director, Promo Art, Extra Art), Kurri (Artist, Animator), RobedRed (Story, Ideas), Yoshi Dam (Lead Musician), RBXJames (Extra Art, Jumpscares), Mojo (Main Charter), Xarion (Charter), ChillTeensie (3D Modelling), SpcG (All Dead Hand Assets), GARBIE PATTIE (Artist), TigerShark900 (Charter), Chase Redding (Musician), thebronjahames (Animator), Nebula_Zorua (VCR Shader), Toastbutbutter (Artist), TackSFM (Graphics), muto157 (Artist), Zflare_ (Artist,Animator), Arievix (Musician), Izy_ (Artist), OJogadorAnimador (Animator), Sally potatoe (Artist, Animator), luckiestzeus148, GalaxyOfJorgee and DaniDev.

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FNF: Mic of Time — Final Hours //
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