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FNF VS Fanon: Victims of Bloodlust Game

FNF VS Fanon: Victims of Bloodlust · Free Game · Play Online

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FNF VS Fanon: Victims of Bloodlust is a full-week Friday Night Funkin' mod that revolves around a Sonic OC named Fanon and her friends in a dark and twisted AU. The mod has 6 songs, one of them being an epic 11-minute battle, and follows the story of Chris (BF) and Kaity (GF) trying to stop Fanon from losing control and causing more people to go missing.

Made by Raenablaize626 (Creator, Owner, Director), Neutroa (Co-Director, Musician), BZ (Artist), MrBendyFeathers (Artist), Rust & Guts (Artist), Snootilous (Artist), Angel (Artist), Scrilopolis (Artist), CRACK-i-TOS (Artist), Torresmmo (Artist), ADyingSas (Artist), XenoTD (Artist), SPRINGTRAP CRITIQUE (Artist), BlueFox (Artist), 2X-Smiles (Artist), BaTIF104 (Artist), Elemenopee (Artist), PhillDraws (Artist, Animator), Sr_Genesis (Artist), Springhell (Artist), Shefki (Artist), John9Doe (Artist), BluBelleVA (Voice of Fanon), Miss Ruru (Voice of Nantelle), Phantasma (Voice of Sonk), Katastrophii (Voice of GF and Rouge), Takoneen (Voice of Cream), Octavious (Voice of Shadow), Scooter (Voice of Metal), Chibisprinkles (Voice of Amy), LazyassRyan (Voice of Kaity), Dritent (Voice of Chris), AlchoholicDj (Animator), SereBeat (Animator), ThirdTimeLucky (Animator), AmazeinG666 (Animator), InklingCurry (Animator), JDogg (Charter), OverMask (Charter), Luscious (Coder), xTHFx (Extra Coder), Super_Hugo (Extra Coder), bbpanzu (Extra Coder), Saltyboii (Extra Coder) and Lucho_Gamer (Extra Coder).

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FNF VS Fanon: Victims of Bloodlust //
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FNF VS Fanon: Victims of Bloodlust · Video

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