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FNF: Spirits of Hell V2 Part 1 (VS Sonic.EXE) Game

FNF: Spirits of Hell V2 Part 1 (VS Sonic.EXE) · Free Game · Play Online

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FNF: Spirits of Hell V2 Part 1 (VS Sonic.EXE) is a new mod for Friday Night Funkin' set in the realm of the Sonic.EXE creepypasta. Based on the fan-made PC game Sonic.EXE: The Spirits of Hell, this modification comes with 19 songs and plenty of Sonic characters including Amy, Cream, Knuckles, Eggman, Tails, Sally, and Sonic himself.

Made by SMV5 (Director, Coder, Charter, UI Artist), The_Reda_Show (Co-Director, Main Artist), Danuha (Spirits of Hell Owner), Junin_Mene (Spriter, Give Up Screen and Background Artist), Bob (Spriter and Give Up Screen), Mr.RandomUser (Spriter and Give Up Screen), MoonyExclipsy (Pixel Artist and Spriter), brands (Spriter), Casan0va (Spriter and Background Artist), 4rrth_ (Spriter), Duxt (Background Artist), NooberDX (Illustrator), DaveGG (Spriter), Explo :D (Spriter), kai (Illustrator), YaBoiJak_ (Spriter and Animator), funni (Animator), senkey (Spriter and Illustrator), GoshaCher360 (Spriter and Background Artist), Ighby (Background Artist), Meudonik (Spriter), deltalyxart (Cutscenes Artist), robaire (Cutscene Artist), mr_gandy (Illustrator), peak-a-boo (Spriter), YourLocalStray (Illustrator), Xnicthehedghehog (Spriter), Leo Ekisde (Concept Artist), Nivekuvnart (Spriter), kyleig (Concept Artist), FlorianDX (Spriter), File.101 (Animator), Emeraldzone (Spriter and Background Artist), brimmstonie (Spriter), Arcad3K (Illustrator and Spriter), danii (Illustrator), RiceBeanzo (Illustrator), BonoanAnything (Video Editor), Le_Foolish_Omi (Illustrator and Icon Artist), Frosty Penguin (Pixel Artist), Hemp (Spriter), KroolKing (Main Composer), dorn (Tails Doll song), Andrew fella (Tails.Exe Song), just a robot idk (Main Composer of Exe Songs), Razor (Pause Menu Song), kirb0 (Lead Musician), JuicePress (Second Lead Musician), Krispy artss (Ice Cap, Whisper, Mountain Peek and God Killer Songs), awe (Third Main Musician), Deadlyne (Whisper Vocals), Mr.Moustache64 (Chromatic Scaler), Avenge (Second Chromatic Scaler), Fimbulveter (Main Charter), JadePotato (Second Main Charter), BMO (Lead Charter), Synthetic (Second Lead Charter), JuneBug (Crystal Flame Chart), Redblurr26 (Mecha Jungle Chart), ciler_gc (Charter), Funky Fanta (Crystal Flame Chart Old), furo (Main Coder), JustAnto (Second Main Coder), TomyGamy (Lead Coder), Soeiz (Second Lead Coder), skullbite (Cool Coder), Toonz (Lua Coder), Sunfire (Main Beta Tester), playeah (Second Mean Beta Tester) and TeXarr (Tester).

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FNF: Spirits of Hell V2 Part 1 (VS Sonic.EXE) //
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FNF: Spirits of Hell V2 Part 1 (VS Sonic.EXE) · Video

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