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FNF Online: ROADKILL (VS Sportsguys) Game

FNF Online: ROADKILL (VS Sportsguys) · Free Game · Play Online

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FNF Online: ROADKILL (VS Sportsguys) is a Psych Engine port of the song RoadKill from the latest update of TheBlueHatted's FNF Online. Join the duo of Tankman and Steve driving a tank and help them fend off the so-called Sportsguys. Please note that this port is work-in-progress, with the missing cutscenes, the explosive notes and other gameplay features expected to be added later next week. Made by TheBlueHatted (Main Creator), FifLeo (Lead Artist), Zeroh (Musician), kiwiquest (Musician) and DaisyMeRolling06 (Porter).

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FNF Online: ROADKILL (VS Sportsguys) //
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