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FNF VS Flexy: Friday Night Flexin' Game

FNF VS Flexy: Friday Night Flexin' · Free Game · Play Online

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FNF VS Flexy: Friday Night Flexin' is a multi-week Friday Night Funkin' mod that follows the story of a talking bean named Flexy Frijolito who invites Boyfriend and Girlfriend to the Fiesta de Fuego somewhere in what seems to be Latin America. Hit the notes, sing your heart out, and watch the story unfold.

Made by Ravvy Tavvy (Lead Artist, Animator, and Creator of Flexy), Echolocated (Lead Musician, Co-lead Artist, Main Composer), Nebula_Zorua (Lead Programmer), longestsoloever (Composed Malvado), DPZmusic (Composed Snowflek), Matasaki (Composed Menu Music, Pause Theme, Dialogue Songs, etc.), bepixel (Main Animator), Wilde (Lead Charter), NickNameAnimations (BF Sprites, Animator), pasteluluu (Helped design GF), TheBright_Starr (Voiced Flexy), Xee (Voice of Merchant's Chromatic), Mr. Cup (Voiced Merchant), StickyBM (Voiced Stepbro), mb_ (Made Clay BF and GF Sprites), EstherMCH (Lead Playtester and Bugfixer), Flippy (Secondary Playtester), Simpatico (Composed the guitar in the Main Menu Theme) and lizzellz (Helped compose Globetrotter).

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FNF VS Flexy: Friday Night Flexin' //
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