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FNF VS Cross: Head Honcho Havoc Game

FNF VS Cross: Head Honcho Havoc · Free Game · Play Online

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FNF VS Cross: Head Honcho Havoc is a five-star Friday Night Funkin' mod that tells the story of a beefy mob boss called Cross going after Girlfriend to enact his revenge for what Daddy Dearest did to Cross's late daughter. What the horned demon is not aware of is that Boyfriend's already on his way to rescue the damsel in distress. Buckle up and watch the story unfold.

Made by Valonide (Creator, Director), Zing (Panel Artist), LostMyPassword (Panel Artist, Concept Artist), Moop (Panel Artist, VA), Jestpurr (Panel Artist), Aura Creed (Writer), RecD (Cutscene Musician, Writing Assistant), Cougar Macdowall (VA), Bobcatxtreme (VA), Juno (Musician, VA), William Harmar (VA), Crowbobot (Concept Artist), Offbi (Sprite Artist), Amorosit (Sprite Artist), YokuTzen (Sprite Artist), RechiTV (Cassette Girl Sprite), Rabi (Editor), SlisaArtz SA (Logo Artist), Wilde (Charter), Lava (Lead Charter), Fredrick Funny (Charter), Leebert (Lead Musician, UI Assistance), ENNWAY (Musician), Lyfer! (Musician), Ironik0422 (Musician), justisaac (Musician), StashClub (Musician), Gunkerfunkle (Chromatic Maker), Big Man (OG), fueg0 (Inferno Direct), Juno (Swingin Sis), Banbuds, Krinkels (Tricky), Saruky, DONDRR (Cassette Girl) and Atsuover (Garcello).

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FNF VS Cross: Head Honcho Havoc //
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FNF VS Cross: Head Honcho Havoc · Video

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