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FNF: Bad Future Game

FNF: Bad Future · Free Game · Play Online

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FNF: Bad Future is a work-in-progress Friday Night Funkin' mod about travelling through space and time across the universe of Sonic the Hedgehog and battling its many villains. With eight so-called Acts planned in future releases, this demo contains the first of them where Boyfriend and Girlfriend get to rap battle Metal Sonic.

Made by MajoraTobi (Story, Cutscene and Art Director, Sprite Sheets, UI, Concept Art, Dev Icons and Backgrounds), GalXE (Composer of Steel Plated), Lettush (Composer of Error), Nick (Metal Sonic Icons), zAlphaRBLX (Concept Art), Hellbent (Concept Art, Voice of Metal Sonic), MuilsTheFox (Charting), Rorutop (Coding), SebTheShinpuru (Old Director and Extra Help) and PhantomShinigami (Extra Help).

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FNF: Bad Future //
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