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FNF: Artistic Altitude (Friday Night Funkin') Game

FNF: Artistic Altitude (Friday Night Funkin') · Free Game · Play Online

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FNF: Artistic Altitude (Friday Night Funkin') is a first-rate must-play FNF mod that follows the story of a rising guitar star named Tossler as he faces off Boyfriend himself being the final hurdle on Tossler's way to fame and glory. Made by a lot of talented people, this mod features 2 story-driven Weeks (the second one is about Tossler's ex-girlfriend), 4 bonus songs, and a dozen of voiced cutscenes.

Directors: Tossler | Music: Rangad64, CrystalSlime, MindoftheEye, PunMaster2016, Meezeeq, HugeNate, Zavemann | Art & Animation: Tossler, MegaFreedom1274, clippo, ChillingHenry, hayley_c0ntrol, Egg Overlord, cattekween, Offbi, ImBurger, Azeria, LuckiiBean, Bonk, azereii, sajiarts, Csizzy_64, Curse of Tales | Voice Cast: Tossler, Sproutseasons, JordopriceVA, astrosquid, JoshBot, MarlonVoicesThings, Tarquin, Addigale Stewart, Scuffle2423, AbicadabriVA, My_Swampert | Charting: HugeNate, Boink | Coding: CandanGose, TwoStory, Smokey_5, Taeyai, Dani_ | Playtesting: TheStoryPainter, DatWither, UniqueGeese, RecD, Meezeeq, Sticky | Special Thanks: Nunu, KOLSAN, NickyRaccoon, PhantomFear, IagoLake, PixelatedEngie, bbpanzu, HugeNate, Dokkidoodlez, TheMaskedChris, Mike Gunan, Doobus Goobus, atomixx, SuperDog Tyler

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FNF: Artistic Altitude (Friday Night Funkin') //
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