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FNF: Rising Volume (feat. Agoti) Game

FNF: Rising Volume (feat. Agoti) · Free Game · Play Online

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FNF: Rising Volume (feat. Agoti) is a content-rich Friday Night Funkin' mod featuring a bunch of high-quality songs, a new character named Licorice, and Agoti as a guest character.

Credits: voids. (Director, Coder, Charter), Camiseta (Artist, Animator), Mayokiddo (Artist, Animator), HexerRush (Artist, Animator), SugarRatio (Artist, Animator), SaltedSporks (Artist, Cutscene Animator), KaosKurve (Background Artist), ItoSaihara (UI Artist, BG Artist, Concept Artist), Teethlust (UI Artist, BG Artist), Mr. DJ (Artist), ShottaZeno (Composer), wowymolly (Composer), BreezyMelee (Coding Help), Yoshubs (Coding Help), Shadow Mario (Psych Engine), VirtualVanto (Promo Art), Machturne (Promo Art), SanekoGato (Promo Art), liquidmercury (Animation Help), ayybeff (Composed "New 2Me"), Biddle3 (Composed "Edge"), fluffyhairs (Composed "Drowzy"), bibidrawz (Composed the cutscene music), Mill (Extra Charter for "Shudder"), Studio Breakbeat (Helper), DanTheDegenerate (Coding Help), Lawaleeth (Coding Help), ZackDroid (Coding Help), bibi (Helped with the cutscene music), DatDavi (Helping with a future bonus song), Hazzy (Helped with some charts)

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FNF: Rising Volume (feat. Agoti) //
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