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FNF: Funkin For Bikini Bottom Game

FNF: Funkin For Bikini Bottom · Free Game · Play Online

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FNF: Funkin For Bikini Bottom is a must-play Friday Night Funkin' mod based on Heavy Iron Studios' video game Battle for Bikini Bottom. Find yourself in Bikini Bottom taken over by an army of evil robots and fend them off using the power of rap battling.

Made by AshyTown (Director, Artist, Animator), PumpkinCity (Manager, Artist, Animator), BarnacleHead (Artist, Animator), Random_Angel (Artist), Numberless (Artist), Vivian Katsura (Aritst, Animator), Nomie (Artist), Mari~ (Artist), Cool:/ (Artist), GoggledAnimations (Artist), Ovron (Voice Actor), JigglypuffGD (Voice Actor), TheGonzFam (Musician, Voice Actor), TheGrams31 (Musician), Frog101WasTaken (Musician), ShroomKaboomZ (Musician), vtm1ns (Musician), juliaa_ (Charter), sirj455 (Charter), ItsDecoy_ (Charter, Coder), doubletime32 (Manager, Coder, Charter), vibe_67 (Charter, Coder), CybbrGhost (Voice Actor), Egg Overlord (Artist), TylerTheGamer (Voice Actor) and Stephen Hillenburg (Creator of Spongebob).

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FNF: Funkin For Bikini Bottom //
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