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FNF: Sonic Pajero Game

FNF: Sonic Pajero · Free Game · Play Online

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FNF: Sonic Pajero is a 5-minute-long Friday Night Funkin' banger. Directed by EbolaHorny, it resembles FNF: Sonic Caught, based on EbolaHorny's original idea, but makes it pale in comparison at the same time.

Made by EbolaHorny (Director, Artist, Sonic Assets), DegODraws (Co-Director, Artist, Tails Assets, Cutscene Animator), iseta (Knuckles Assets, Sonic Misses, Sonic Game Over, Cutscene Animator), Matriculaso (Coder, Sans Lover), Krimson (Composer), Bonnie (Charting), Fore (Animation polish, Skyblue PC Animation), Mamon (Vocal Chromatics), Vtroy (Extra Music) and MVS (Original Song).

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FNF: Sonic Pajero //
  1. 2D
  2. 2022 📆
  3. Arcade 🏃
  4. Cool 😎
  5. FNF (Friday Night Funkin') 🎵
  6. For Boys 👦
  7. For Girls 👧
  8. Fullscreen 📺
  9. Funny 😆
  10. HTML5
  11. Keyboard Only 💻
  12. Music 🎵
  13. Rhythm
  14. Sonic

FNF: Sonic Pajero · Video

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