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FNF: Big Swingin' Sister Game

FNF: Big Swingin' Sister · Free Game · Play Online

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FNF: Big Swingin' Sister is an outstanding Friday Night Funkin' mod featuring voiced dialogue lines, memorable characters, and more than 40 minutes of amazing jazz music. Join GF and BF on their visit to Girlfriend's elder sister, Sister Searest, and see if you can live up to her motley jazz band. Encore!

Made by RomanHera (Mod Creator, Artist, Animator, Musician, Charting), lemonking (Coding), Steel (Mastering), UprisingAttorney (VA of Sister Searest), RecD (VA of Boyfriend), QueenCreeps (VA of Girlfriend), JtasticVA (VA of Theo Parker), Omahdon (VA of Shorty Collins), KurryArts (VA of Raquel Vasquez) and Moop (VA of Minji Kim).

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FNF: Big Swingin' Sister //
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