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FNF: Tails Gets Trolled v3 (Friday Night Funkin') Game

FNF: Tails Gets Trolled v3 (Friday Night Funkin') · Free Game · Play Online

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FNF: Tails Gets Trolled (Friday Night Funkin') is a one-song FNF mod inspired by the eponymous comic series by Lazerbot. Without further ado, let's troll Tails from Sonic the Hedgehog, shall we?

This mod was made by Echolocated (Director, Coder, Chromatics, Menu Assets), Nebula_Zorua (Lead Coder), bepixel (Animation), Hooda the Antagonist (Lead Composer), 0Wilde (Charting), Staticlysm (Shadow Sprites and Tsu-Fox Sprites), mc83ch5 (Voice of Tails), jippy (Voice of Sonic), StickyBM (Voice of Shadow), fl0pd00dle (Promo Art), shadowfi (Helper), Wieder the rabbit (High Shovel Assets), philiplol (Made High Shovel and Voice of Knuckles), longestsoloever (Composed Taste For Blood), Cerbera (Charted High Shovel), gibz679 (Charted Groovy Fox), pollopoti_ (Chapter 3 BF Sprites), Lazerbot (Inspiration), ninjamuffin99 (Creator of FNF), Nebula_Zorua (Andromeda Engine), and TKTems (Andromeda Engine).

February 16, 2022 // Updated to v3 (new songs, sprites, UI, etc.)

February 16, 2022 // Added Potato Edition for low-end laptops. To achieve even better performance, go to the Options menu, disable [Notesplashes] and set [FPS Cap] at 60

February 17, 2022 // Potato Edition has been greatly boosted in terms of performance

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FNF: Tails Gets Trolled v3 (Friday Night Funkin') · Video

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