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FNF: Roastin' on a Cartoon Friday Game

FNF: Roastin' on a Cartoon Friday · Free Game · Play Online

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FNF: Roastin' on a Cartoon Friday is a well-made Friday Night Funkin' mod where a bunch of Cartoon Network characters are brought together to have a music rhythm battle. Created by FrimpleSchnips (Artist, Animator), [haylow] (Charter, Coder), RaymondVito (Musician), FriedFrick (Mordecai Chromatic Scale), DexterTheStick (Finn Chromatic Scale), SONICSTRONG (Steven Chromatic Scale), CBag (Death Screen), FridayNightBanana2 (Animator), Stick-pi (Icon Artist), LeSlayWasTaken (Chromatic Scale), MountainRoses (BG Artist), Staticlysm (Artist), Felix_bird (Cover Artist), Propsnax (Musician), Etrodis (Charter), tposejank, bonespook, Toadstol (Playtester), BoyZa_ (Charter).

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FNF: Roastin' on a Cartoon Friday //
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