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FNF: Friday Night Forbidden Game

FNF: Friday Night Forbidden · Free Game · Play Online

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FNF: Friday Night Forbidden is an underrated mod for Friday Night Funkin' where you face off against eerie entities summoned by Boyfriend's reckless dabbling in the paranormal. Brace yourself for high-octane rhythm battles against menacing doppelgangers, shadowy figures, demonic toys, and a morose feline in this high-quality mod packed with 5 original songs.

Made by CALIBE (Director, Artist, Animator, Backgrounds Artist, Concepts), Chris_Iguana (Director, Main Programmer, Main Animator), FreddCREATOR! (Co-Director, Animator, Artist, Concepts, Backgrounds Artist, Main Source Programmer), Trz_2006 (Co-Director, Artist, Animator, Concepts), Mishelll_dcv (Concept Artist), Leo Ekisde (Artist and Animator), ElArcaxntor (Artist), firemosil (Artist), Shunkra (Artist), Cycled (Artist), Red X (Artist), Nicomas2 (Artist), Joshua (Artist), BinX_XD (Animator), FachaRexusBv (Animator), koi (Backgrounds Artist), VectorDev (Artist), AndyDavinci (Composer), Legacy885 (Composer), Benkamyn (Composer), flvtae (Menu Music, Menu Sounds, Game Over), zenfu (Composer), Noichi (Composer), Lonely Kris (Charter), JustForge (Charter), Boyshade (Charter), MoredOficial (Charter), sevulda (Charter), Plastic_Fork (Coding Help), AlanelCoderxd (Coding Help), Chasetodie10 (Programmer), ImChrislol_ (Chromatic Maker), Chuckster (Dwp's Maker), xM_64x (Chromatic Maker), mrcreeper5 (Felix Chromatic), CamYT (Game Tester) and VectorDev (Felix Collab and Artist).

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FNF: Friday Night Forbidden //
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FNF: Friday Night Forbidden · Video

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