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Super Muzhik · Free Game · Play Online

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Super Muzhik is a wave-based beat-em-up action game that pits you against a fleet of alien invaders. Eliminate the extraterrestrial threat, save people, and feel free to sacrifice some of them in order to restore peace...

Please be aware that this is a Flash game. Unfortunately, many modern browsers have discontinued support for Flash, which means that the game may not function correctly. If you encounter issues with the game not working as expected, we recommend trying Basilisk instead. Basilisk is a safe, Firefox-based browser that comes with built-in native Flash support, which should help you play the game without any problems.

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Super Muzhik //
  1. 2D
  2. Action 👊
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  4. City
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  6. DC
  7. Flash
  8. Flying
  9. For 16+ year olds
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