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FNF x Pokemon: Perish Edition Game

FNF x Pokemon: Perish Edition · Free Game · Play Online

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FNF x Pokemon: Perish Edition is yet another Pokémon-themed Friday Night Funkin' mod full of banger songs and clever references to its source material.

Made by SquidBowl (Owner, Director, Programmer, Artist, Animator, VA, Charter), Zaffrodite (Co-Director, Composer), Kwispy (Co-Director, Composer, Animator, Cutscene maker), keoni2440 (Composer, Chromatic Maker), laboex (Composer, Chromatic Maker), SuperBonk06 (Main Artist, Animator), MeteorA (Artist, Animator, 3D Animator), IDoodleStroodles (Background Artist, Icon Aritst), MathyFer (Pixel Artist, Animator, BG Artist), Tri-Dot (Icon Artist), MrNate7-MX (Pixel Artist), Finchh (Calem VA), MyLifeIsALie (Concept Artist), Twwakoe (Made ALL the Credit Icons), marbad (Portrait Artist), mfloras (BG Artist), bbpanzu (Bloom Shader), Psych Devs (Perish's Engine) and UpDown LeftRight (LUA Gallery Base).

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FNF x Pokemon: Perish Edition //
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